There are 4 key people that Business Finders Edmonton can help.



Business buyers are any individuals or businesses looking to buy a business for sale in Alberta. While we can help buyers find businesses in other locations in Western Canada, our current focus is in Alberta. To get started, please sign up to the Business Buyer Pipeline and keep informed of the businesses we have for sale.



Business sellers are individual owners or companies seeking to market and sell their operations. Since we pre-qualify buyers listing your business with us is a painless ordeal and we work with the utmost privacy in mind. To get started, read more about our sales process or call us at 587-882-3040 (Toll Free 1-888- 377-8009) or complete the confidential form to learn more about our services.



Investors are individuals and business that are seeking businesses for financial growth or profit. Because we have so many contacts looking for additional assistance to take their business to the next level, we keep a list of investors on file to match them with business owners.



Interested in buying a business? Whether you are a new immigrant who just arrived in Alberta and want to buy a company, or are looking to find a different opportunity, it would be wise to consult with a professional. Business Finders Edmonton can help you find that right small business that you are looking for. If you want to list a Canadian company for sale or if you are an entrepreneur, investor or corporate employee looking for a something to invest in call Business Finders Edmonton. We can help immigrants to Canada looking to get Canadian status. Call us to find out more or review our immigration services.