What is a market valuation and why can it help you?

A market valuation shows what a business is worth and can sell for at this moment. We do the exact same market valuation analysis that we do for our business for sale clients. Our valuations are based on multiple factors including actual cash flow and hard assets. We then apply an industry specific formula to determine your market value.


The methods and formulas we use are the same as used by lenders to determine the amount they will lend on a business. Our market valuation reports are being used by owners considering selling and by buyers wanting their own independent valuation before placing an offer. You do not have to sell or buy through us to use this service. If you buy a business in BC or sell a business in BC, getting a market valuation is critical.

Do I Need a Business Market Valuation?

ALL business owners should know the market value of their business at all times.


The truth is that MOST business owners do not know what their business is worth. And nearly always, the business owner is surprised by the results after they hire Business Finders Edmonton.


  • You may be considering selling in the next year
  • You may be selling right now but unsure if your price is right
  • You may be considering expansion in the next year
  • You may be looking to develop a business plan in the next year
  • Or maybe you just want to know the true value of your business

This is a Third Party Business Market Valuation. The Business Market Valuation provides the true market value of your business. It combines a cash flow – assets multiplier based on current industry standards. The 3-5 page report completely spells out the market value of your business.


So if you are looking to get a Market Valuation on your business WITHOUT spending thousands for a Third Party Valuation then look no further. Our affordable Business Market Valuations provide the TRUE market value of your business at a low price that you can afford.