Business Brokers, bring the buyers and sellers of businesses together. Business Finders Edmonton ensures strict confidentiality as well as seeking a qualified buyer. Business owners do not have the time or knowledge to recognize and understand the complexities of selling their business.


If you’re selling, you should understand that the broker is looking for information to help you come up with a fair price for your company and to understand what are your expectations. As a seller, a business broker can help streamline everything from pricing your business to marketing to the right buyer or seeking another synergistic business owner.

The Business sale Process

During the process, the Seller’s job is to do what he does best, which is to run daily operations to continue to maximize profits. A Business Broker’s job is to skillfully market your business, locate, screen and educate the Business Buyer’s, negotiate the sale – and to promote confidence during a stressful ownership transition. To reduce some of the uncertainty of the selling process, a good broker will do all the required groundwork to organize the financial profile of the business.


Fair market value for your business

If you’re selling or buying you want a broker who has a strong knowledge of current market conditions and competent valuation of your business. The broker can best give you an idea of what the market is currently paying for comparable business and where needed arrange for a formal business appraisal. A broker should be able to explain the different methodologies as to how businesses are valued in the current marketplace.


Facilitate the negotiating process

Since selling a business is at least or more emotionally charged as selling a home, you’ll benefit greatly from a go-between who can handle all aspects of the transaction while keeping each party cool. A broker can speak more candidly to each party involved in the transaction that they could manage on their own.


Confidentiality about the sale of your business

Strict Confidentiality, as well as establishing the right price, is crucial to the success of any transaction –

As a good broker, must be discrete about the sale of your business. Employees may get nervous if they learn that a business is for sale. Suppliers and creditors may also want to stop doing business with you if word gets out that you are selling. What would your completion say?

Business Finders Edmonton requires the buyer to execute several documents, such as:

  • Non-Disclosure statement – outlining his/her responsibilities in having access to any confidential information
  • Buyer Profile, stating background, experience and how it may relate to this situation
  • Personal Financial statement, stating up front if buyer is capable of not only producing the required cash or down payment but also his/her ability to produce efficient working capital to sustain current operations.

Marketing Your Business

Our data base of qualified buyers is vast with many connections to Private Equity firms as well. We are also well established in the marketplace and often receive referrals from other professionals such as : lawyers, CPA’S, lenders, other business brokers and real estate companies.


Financing & Professional Advisors

An experienced broker will have the knowledge how best to structure each transaction and also the most efficient way to acquire any necessary financing as well as the necessary permits and licenses. With our experience and connections through the years Business Finders Edmonton can recommend a great team of professionals ready and willing to assist in the due diligence and legal process to eliminate any potential risks to you.

When asked about the advice they would give to other entrepreneurs contemplating the sale of their business, the message was clear: Do things differently.


  • A good Business Broker can be the buffer between you and the Buyer.
  • A good Business Broker can help you understand the offer.
  • A good Business Broker will bring you Qualified Buyers.
  • A good Business Broker will allow you to continue to focus on your Business.
  • A good Business Broker will get maximum value for your Business.