Business Value: What's your business worth?

We SELL 74% of what we list.    

That's 5x more than the industry average.

* from 2016-2019 MLS - 672 listed businesses only 89 Sales – 13.25% sell through

At Business Finders, we require a Business Market Valuation to determine the Probable Selling price before listing every business. It’s natural that you would place a higher value on your business than a buyer would. You probably invested years into building your business, and you no doubt have some strong emotional ties to it. Having an accurate valuation will help you make better business decisions, as well as assist during the buying, selling or liquidating process.  

 When it comes time to buying or selling a business, it’s important to set your personal feelings aside in order to do an accurate business valuation and establish a realistic and competitive selling price. There are many acceptable business valuation methods. One may be more suitable than another, depending on the type of business being valued, including its industry, size and circumstances of sale. 

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To get a clearer idea of how a buyer sees your business, imagine you are the buyer. 

What is your required rate of return?

             Will cash flow from the business be sufficient to pay off any debt used to           buy the business?

             Will cash flow from the business be sufficient to pay your salary if you are         working in the business?

             How long are you willing to wait to get your investment back?

If you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes when determining what your business is worth, there’s a greater chance for a successful deal.

Why do we do a Business Valuation?


Who needs a Business Market Valuation?
What is Normalizing?
What Valuation Approach do we use?


     Required Information to Conduct a Business Valuation
     What Makes a Business Worth More? 

How We Can Help You?

Real Value – Market Value 

Why you need to know your market value

Our Probable Selling Price Report can unlock the answers you need to achieve maximum success with your business.

As business owners ourselves we understand the importance of expectation. Expectations are not only important to you but also to any potential buyer of your business. From our experience we have designed a comprehensive and unrivalled valuation report to help any seller. With this report our aim is to help sellers determine realistic expectations based on facts, findings and importantly tap into our wealth of broker knowledge. 

Why? Do you have hidden benefits?

The business valuation process is a critical aspect of your success. We understand business valuation and all its intricacies. The benefits of our accurate, honest valuations are huge. We are confident the seller will reap the rewards of us learning to understand the business and even about the seller in order to produce realistic, extensively researched and supported documents specific to the current marketplace.

The buyers will be motivated by both the reason why the business is for sale and by the price we are selling it for. Inaccurate or inflated valuations unfortunately only lead to greater long-term dissatisfaction for both you and your potential buyers, this holds your progression or future dreams back. Confident in our ongoing success we always base our valuations on these core beliefs and the knowledge that creates them.

The Product

This report is the comprehensive findings of the analysis we undertake of the business. The conclusion is the professional business broker’s opinion of the Probable Selling Price of the business. The actual selling price of the business will of course be influenced by other external factors such as the economy and very importantly the compulsion levels of willing buyers and sellers.

Our report is an in-depth breakdown of the business and its place within the market. We use proven tools to generate excellent results that are highly accurate and create a perfectly balanced mix by combining our findings with the expert market and sales knowledge of our brokers.

You are very much involved in the report and your information is very valuable to the process. We compile your supplied details as part of the report.

All statistics such as income and other financials are clearly presented in graphs, charts and tables and all textual information is compiled under relevant easy to follow sections written in a manner that is explicit and understandable, using relevant terminology with additional explanation. 

The overall result is a clear and concise compilation that takes you through analysis and findings to a fully comprehensible conclusion.