Profitable Snow Removal and Landscape Company...$850,000


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Business Type Service
Price $850,000
Real Estate Included No
Real Estate Value $
Revenue $1,695,792
Cash Flow $281,000
Years in Business 5
Is Inventory Included Yes
Inventory 143500
Type of Sale Share

Business Description

Looking for a guaranteed money making investment? This is a well established business that has a great record for keeping properties safe and clear in winter.

Currently there are designated crews for both parking lots and sidewalks, so consistent service is achieved. With site inspectors for commercial properties included in the pricing.

Inspection vehicles are equipped with plows, sander units, ice melt, shovels and dashcams. Anytime a problem is spotted, it is corrected immediately without delay.

Customers' safety is #1 priority. In summer, offering lawn maintenance, parking lot sweeping, line painting and parking lot repairs, power washing and fertilizer and weed control. It may be hot outside, but attention is already on next winter's snow and ice. There is so much potential in the Edmonton area, you are sure to increase your sales far above the $1.5 - 2 million point.

With the right owner, this company will go far, easily becoming the #1 Edmonton and area snow removal company and even supplying snow removal services to all communities in northern Alberta.

Premium service in the Snow removal industry. First night snow removal.
Great safety record. Safety protocols in place
Excellent customer list with large long term contracts.

Summer work: a bit of residential and commercial.
Busy Sept/Oct to April/May. Slower in the summer. Enjoy summers with your family.


None, low over head


Add a sales person to secure more contracts. Lots of opportunity for concrete and asphalt work and commercial pressure washing. Switch contractors to by the hour work for parking lot cleaning. This would drive profits by approximately 20-30%. Commercial pressure washing. Expand snow removal business to out of town communities already being served by our company. Acreage driveway sanding Expand services to include all of Northern Alberta.