About Business Finders Edmonton

We are a team of professional business and commercial real estate brokers.

We help connect people who are buying and selling businesses and commercial property. Our confidential processes and proven systems are six times more effective than the industry average. That sets our team of dealmakers apart.

We bring more than 200 years of experience, and we streamline a complex process. We have helped hundreds of business owners. Let us know if we can help you!


Our commitment is to provide unsurpassed service, the highest degree of integrity and the utmost confidentiality, while achieving the greatest percentage of successful sale transactions. We are dedicated to providing professional and confidential services to business owners and business buyers.

We want our clients to be:

• Comfortable with their decision to sell

• Certain they are in a position to sell

• Satisfied with their price and the terms of sale

• Happy with the buyer

• Confident in Business Finders Edmonton

Business Finders Edmonton has the training, expertise and confidential techniques to guide you through the process in a comfortable and efficient manner. Our certified agents focus on businesses for sale and commercial property throughout Western Canada. We work with businesses and commercial property owners in Kelowna, Kamloops, Vernon, Penticton, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and more.

If you are a new immigrant who just arrived in B.C. and wants to buy a company, or are looking to find a different opportunity, it would be wise to consult with a professional. Business Finders Edmonton can help you find the right small business.

Business Finders Edmonton will provide professional services to business buyers, sellers, and investors. Through the “full-disclosure approach,” we will provide business buyers and sellers all the necessary information needed to close on businesses and commercial property for sale.

We put your interests first. We gather the most relevant facts and help you make a decision, market and sell your business and or commercial property. We are dedicated to providing professional and confidential services to business owners and business buyers.

If you want to list a Canadian company, commercial property or development for sale, or if you are an entrepreneur, investor or corporate employee looking for an investment, call Business Finders Edmonton today.

Business Finders Edmonton provides:


    We specialize in the confidential representation of buyers and sellers. Business Finders Canada acts on your behalf, allowing the sale of your business to remain confidential until the appropriate time. This is especially important if you do not wish your employees, bank, suppliers, competitors or customers to find out prematurely that you are planning to sell your business.



    Business Finders Edmonton knows how to market your business. A blind business profile and/or a confidential business review are tools that we use when promoting the sale of your business. The blind business profile is a brief marketing piece that does not include the name or location of your business in order to maintain confidentiality. Its purpose is to present all the important details about your business, including basic financials, your facilities, your employees and an upbeat description. It does not specifically identify your business. It is easy to read and is intended to provide sufficient information in order to gauge the interest level of the reader. The business particulars are only given to serious buyers, and only after they have signed a confidentiality agreement and completed the qualifying stage.



    Business Finders Edmonton maintains a pipeline of buyers. We keep a growing list of people who are ready, willing, and able to make a purchase – in other words buyers who are financially and operationally capable of buying a business. It is very important that those who are going to be looking over proprietary information about your business are seriously interested in completing a transaction.



    Nationwide it typically takes seven to nine months to sell a business, but it can take a year or more. Wanting to get the best price possible for your company means your business has to continue to function as usual. Maintaining the status quo ensures that employees feel secure and don’t contemplate leaving, and your clients know that service and quality will be maintained. If a business is for sale, it is especially important to continue in the same efficient manner.



    Selling your business is a difficult process, especially if you’re doing it alone. The importance of confidentiality is key to the successful sale of a business – and only a properly trained business broker can get you there. Our unique process will work for you. We attract new buyers every day. Get your business sold fast using our systems. During the sales process, a seller’s job is to do what he or she does best, which is to continue to run the business efficiently. Our job is to confidentially market the business, find and screen the buyers, educate them, negotiate the terms of the sale and provide a buffer for the emotional highs and lows that you will most likely experience.

    Business Finders Edmonton can help you find a small business that’s right for you. Business Finders will provide professional services to the business buyers, sellers, and investors.